Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to post an Ad?
  • Answer: Please navigate to the top-right corner of our website and click the Place an Ad button or simply visit this link
  • 2. Is posting an ad in free?
  • Answer:  Yes, when you sign up, your primary account membership will automatically belong to the user's " Basic Group". In this group, you have free 5 listings.
  • 3. How many ads can I post as a basic member?
  • Answer: As a basic member of you can post 5 listings for a duration of 365 days.
  • 4. What freebies can I get after signing up?
  • Answer: You get ₱150 credits that you can use to renew your membership once it expires, but if you prepare to use it to promote a listing, no problem.
  • 5. What type of products or services can I post here?
  • Answer: This platform is obviously created to help connect sign and print contractors, signage makers, signage fabricators, and suppliers to buyers. Therefore, this is now our prominent tagline.
  • 6. Are my listings will be searchable on Google?
  • Answer: Yes, this is the main advantage of posting on the platform. In the background, we will check your listings to see if it is properly added the correct title and descriptions to get searched on google. 
  • 7. Are there any options to make my listing on top or premium?
  • Answer: There are three options to make your listing on top of the others ads; one is by making premium, move top, and featured listing.
  • 8. Is your platform mobile-friendly?
  • Answer: Yes, this platform is designed to have a better mobile browsing experience. Open on your mobile devices to see it for yourself.
  • 9. What is the difference between your platform to Facebook?
  • Answer: Facebook is excellent in terms of posting Ads but very expensive, unlike, posting an ad is FREE and will indeed be seen by every member of the platform. Also, your listing is being indexed by Google for their search database; the good news is that this is permanent.
  • 10. Why do I need for my signage and printing business or needs?
  • Answer: Based on our research, you need this platform because most project owners are more likely to have a better place where they can get quotes faster from reliable contractors or suppliers. 
  • 11. Are your signage makers, print ad contractors, and supplier reliable and verified?
  • Answer: Yes, we recommend that every member of be verified by submitting their business permits. 
  • 12. How would I know if the business profile is verified?
  • Answer: If you visit their business profile at the very next top right of their business name you will see this icon
  • 13. Can I follow and unfollow users?
  • Answer: Yes, this platform is designed like Facebook with instant chat, follow user, love listing by clicking the favorite icon, and many more.
  • 14. Is your platform have an e-commerce functionality?
  • Answer: Yes, you can sell products or services under the promotion tab in your account and set your own shipping cost and delivery rates.
  • 15. Can I create a post for the Blog Section?
  • Answer: No, only those members who upgraded their plan to packages such as VIP, Business Basic, and Business Pro memberships.
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